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When Tenants Stop Paying Rent

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When a tenant defaults on their rental obligations the consequences can be devastating to landlords and property managers. The loss of income not only immediately affects your bottom line, but it can take months to evict a tenant and fill the space. This adds additional legal and downtime costs (keeping in mind that during this time mortgages and property taxes are still due).

Maintaining properties occupied with qualified tenants is essential to your bottom line. Unfortunately, in these times, even qualified tenants are struggling to make their monthly payments.

So how do you protect yourself? Landlords have used security deposits, or traditional insurance products with property and liability coverage, but these only provide limited financial protection.

For years rental default coverage has been available in Europe – now for the first time, it’s available here in the US. This unique product goes beyond traditional methods (security deposits, other insurance methods) and for the first time Rent Protect provides US Landlords and property manager’s the financial security landlords in Europe have enjoyed for years.

How the Policy Works

This unique policy allows landlords to recover up to six months of lost rent, limiting their monetary exposure as a result of a default loss. This allows the landlord to retake possession of the property, find a new tenant and earn enough revenue to cover his expenses during the time the property is in flux.

The Specifics


  • Landlords recover up to 6 month’s rent recovery for non-payment or property abandonment
  • Landlords recover up to 3 month’s rent upon death of military deployment of tenant, or early lease termination.
  • Landlords recover up to $1,000 for legal expenses


Monthly Rent $0-$1,200 $1,201-1500 $1,500-3,000 $3,001-5,000 $5,001-8000
Annual Premium Rate Per Rental Unit $250 $290 $425 $650 $950


  • Online application available at – CLICK HERE
  • Insurance policy delivered promptly via secure email.

For monthly rent greater than $8,000 contact us CLICK HERE

Ultimate Value

Rental defaults have always been considered the cost of doing business and the risk one runs when managing income producing properties. In today’s sluggish economy, we see defaults at an all-time high, producing devastating losses to rental property owners. Mitigate your risk, the solution is here. Sign-up now!



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