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Approved2Rent's  analysis  takes  into  consideration  your current  situation and past circumstances to produce a more accurate picture of your credit worthiness.

You apply online and upload your financial documents to our safe and secure servers. We process and underwrite your file verifying your credit, current job stability and income, your debts, and your discretionary income. We determine a maximum rental dollar amount based on your ratios. We issue an Approved2Rent certificate that you download and present to prospective landlords. The landlords can verify the certificate online and learn about the optional renters default insurance to guarantee them your first year of rent.

Apply Now - and get your A2R approval certificate for just $299

* realtor referral coupon saves you up to $50, making this total cost only $249.

Step 1: Complete pre-qualification (below) to confirm the likeliness for success using Approved2Rent
Step 2: Upon receiving pre-qualification response, process your payment
Step 3: Log in and complete application process.

Approved2Rent's value really kicks in once you're in your new rental.

At that point we begin coaching you to rebuild your credit and improve your financial health. We'll have you in the buyer's market again in only 36 months!

Consumer Pre-qualification Form (step 1)

Rate your credit
Have you had a short sale or foreclosure in the past 12 months?     
Have you had bankruptcy in the past 12 months?     
Do you have an income?     
Do you have a co-signer?     
Current Savings: $
Current annual Income (not including expenses:) $ / year
Desired monthly rent payment: $ / month



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