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We help you get approved to rent or lease!

Approved2Rent pre-qualifies people to rent.

With our rental pre-qualification, we review the client's information, and perform an in-depth analysis of their file. We take current income and expenses plus a maximum rental payment and compute debt ratios.

We verify the following information:

  • Credit Report
  • Income (paystubs and W-2s)
  • Assets
  • Rental history (if applicable)
  • Mortgage history (if applicable)
  • Calculate maximum rental payment based on income
  • Indicate the amount of disposable income the client has. This is the amount of money the client has left over at the end of the month after they have paid all their bills. Disposable income is used to pay for items like: Groceries, child care, savings, repair items, etc.

In addition, we grade the consumers overall "financial health". We look for other ways to provide services that will decrease their debt, monthly obligation, and/or protect their families in the event of any further financial distress.

We don't put the consumer into a rental and abandon them, we continue to coach and counsel to the point where one day they will be deemed A+ creditworthy borrowers to purchase a home again, if they choose.

Approved2Rent is an independent third party service that

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